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Finorder – Finance made easy

Finorder - finansai lengvai

We specialise in financial accounting and legal services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Finorder was established in 2009 and our experience extends to over 13 years. As a small business, we are perfectly aware of the challenges and issues you face in your day-to-day operations. We sincerely care about your needs, your precious time and energy.

Modern accounting is conveniently performed in the digital space, remotely. Automated processes ensure timely services, accuracy, in addition to significantly reducing the cost of services. Finorder rates are some of the most competitive on the market. Together with you, we will choose a flexible, individually tailored service package and a best payment method for your business.  

We are more than merely solvers of accounting problems. By providing up-to-date consultations and advice, analysing indicators, we help to plan and optimise your business activities, avoid unforeseen situations and increase business value. We aim to be a direct, long-term and strategic partner for your business. 

At present, more than 70 small and medium-sized enterprises in Lithuania and throughout the European Union rely on Finorder in terms of their business accounting and finances. Synergies with our experience are generated by a growing team of progress-oriented professionals and by the constant introduction of advanced technologies. The likelihood of rare errors is minimised by the introduction of an additional control system. 

We invite you to contact us for all small and medium business finance and accounting issues. Let this be Finorder’s concern, not yours.

FINORDER – finance made easy

Clients about our services

“It is a company characterised by work-oriented but also good atmosphere. Any issues are resolved quickly and professionally. The company always tends to take into account the customer's needs.”

Irmantas Ribelis, director
Irmantas Ribelis company Mantas

“We have been collaborating for a number of years. We are pleased to note there have been no misunderstandings during all these years, all issues are being resolved in a timely manner. Now we just have a perfect accountant, a very warm, responsive person making every interaction a celebration. We very much hope that things will remain as they are now for a long time to come.”

Mindaugas Saladžinskas
UAB Dantų gildija

“We have been collaborating with Finorder since the establishment of the company in 2014. We all strive to ensure that the functions entrusted to us do not require extra time – I hand over the task and I may forget it because I rest assured that it will be performed in a proper and timely manner. That's exactly the case. Other very important things: despite the replacement of the person overseeing our company, the work pattern remains unchanged, i.e. it does not require additional time for training. Service prices are clear, understandable and stable, which is important in any business. The whole style of work helps to properly plan and organise daily functions of the company.”

Tomas Maneikis, director
UAB Logistics 123

“A good professional team that does a great job. During the nine years of cooperation, we can say with confidence that it is a reliable, professional, responsible service provider.”

Ramūnas Gruodis, director
UAB Ramplastas

“We have been working with Finorder for eight years now. We are satisfied with the collective teamwork of this company. Everything is prepared and submitted on time, we always receive the necessary information promptly, accurately and comprehensibly.”

Gennady Ževžikovas, director
MB Motor Age

Frankly about my job

Finorder. Daina Gerulaitienė, Financial director

“I see every client as a member of the Finorder family. We communicate with you directly, because the success of your businesses is our success. Responsible and supportive team is a guarantee of our stability and customer well-being.”

Daina Gerulaitienė
Financial director

Professional of finance for over 20 years. Extensive experience of working in foreign and Lithuanian companies, management of international teams, implementing and maintaining internal controls and accounting policies in large enterprises. Joined Finorder in 2019, with the aim of investing the precious knowledge in own business.
Economic education, Vilnius University

“I always feel satisfied after overcoming a difficult task, resolving a difficult situation. Information provided in a timely and responsible manner helps the manager to make important decisions. It is pleasing to know how useful and important we can be.”

Inga Mažulaitienė

Since 2006 in financial accounting; experience in the public and private sectors: manufacturing, trading, credit service companies.
Management and business administration; Bachelor's degrees in accounting, VKK.

Finorder. Inga Mažulaitienė, Director
Finorder. Agnė Narvydienė, Head of Accounting Department

“This profession does not allow for staying at ease and forces to constantly go hand-in-hand with never-ending tax and financial changes. I believe that successful professional development is only possible by doing a favourite job. In the future, I hope to fulfil the dream of obtaining an auditor's license."

Agnė Narvydienė
Head of Accounting Department

Since 2014 in financial accounting – experience with all types of legal entities. Bachelor in Economics and Finance, Vytautas Magnus University; Master of Accounting and Finance, ASU.

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